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Payment & Delivery

Our winter (April – August) is our best hunting time.
We have our own in-house tannery for capes and full skins. However, we subcontract all flat skins/rugs to a reputable tannery.
Yes, we’ll mount each trophy to your specifications.

No but we can put you in contact with a skilled expert.

Once the fish has been caught, pick the best side. Place best side up on flat board (if possible), glad wrap (not too tight) and put into freezer.

Take as many photos as possible.

Yes, we do mount various birds but you require a Game Bird Hunting Licence.

Choose best specimen, Fold head under wing and pull a woman’s stocking or mutton cloth over bird from head to tail. Try keep feathers intact. Put in freezer until you can get it to us.

It’s important to consider how you want your trophy displayed within your display space. We’ll give you informed opinions about the best options for you, whether you want a custom design mount, or just a different turn in the animal. See our gallery on Facebook for some of the ideas you might want to explore. You can also email us with photos of your chosen room and wall or floor measurement to ensure that we know which trophy options might suit your needs.

Handling, salting, drying, dipping, rehydrating and tanning to mount the trophy are all lengthy processes and hard on the hides. Hides can also be damaged by parasites and bacteria if not attended to immediately. So, it’s simply better to have the hides processed as quickly as possible. Furthermore, if there has been poor field care, or if poor weather conditions have ruined the hide, we may be able to source a local replacement – something that can’t be done overseas.

Also, quite frankly, with crating and airfreight the cost of taxidermy work is costly overseas – and those costs are just unnecessary when you have reputable world-class taxidermists right here. We have a vast knowledge of all local species and sculpt every animal in-house to make sure they’re anatomically correct in every way. Rest assured, we’ll display every muscle in detail so that we can give your trophy a truly life-like representation.

As soon as your trophies are received, they’ll be listed on our incoming register. The listings will include all parts of the trophy. The trophy and its parts are then labelled and the trophies are checked for any damage or possible hair slip. If there is any damage the client will be informed. 

All parts of the trophy will need to be handled according to veterinary regulations. The skull and horns will be boiled, and skins will need to be treated and packed into a container.

Upfront we enter all trophies into our computer database and provide a quote for work (with or without a freight estimation). At this point, you will need to check and confirm that the quote is accurate and advise us as soon as possible of any errors. 

Once you pay the required deposit you guarantee your position in our work queue. At the time we ask for the deposit we’ll also ask you for mounting instructions, unless that has already been discussed. If we haven’t already provided freight estimates, we’ll provide them now. 

The trophy is tanned in-house using modern tanning techniques. Polyurethane moulds are then made according to your mounting instructions. Three weeks before completion, you’ll be notified and billed for the final payment before we finalise matters such as the shipping details. 

Two weeks before completion, we’ll apply for all necessary export documents. Trophies are then crated and collected for freight to the final destination.

We prefer a wire transfer. Bank details are available upon acceptance of your quote. Credit Card payments are also accepted.
A 50% deposit is required on acceptance or your quote/order. No work will commence unless the deposit has been paid and instructions have been received.

We currently work on the following time frames: 

Shoulder Mounts: 8-12 months

Life-sized mounts: 12-15 months

Birds: 12 months

Expediting (dip/ship): 90 working days

No, please make allowance for some additional time beyond our control. This will include transportation to the airport once trophies leave our premises. The freight forwarder will then book a space for your trophies on the next available flight/carrier. The average airfreight time is 2-3 weeks. Thereafter, it will be held in storage until it is customs cleared and released.

All our trophies are carefully packed in custom-made MDF crates to minimize the size and cost as much as possible. Once crated, the freight forwarder will collect your crate from our studio and make all arrangements for transport to your nearest port of entry. You will be notified when your trophies leave our studio.

The cost depends on the weight, size and destination of the crate. The cost will be based on weight or volumetric weight, whichever is biggest. While we can provide the estimated cost, accurate quotes can’t be given until trophies are ready for shipping.

If you are in the USA, contact your nearest Fish & Wildlife Office for info or contact us for a referral.

Brokers specialize in receiving and clearing shipments from foreign countries. Once your shipment arrives at the destination port of entry, the import broker will contact you to make arrangements for payment, inspections and clearance for delivery. Unless you specify a broker, one will be appointed for you. You will need to fill out a Power of Attorney for the broker to act on your behalf.

Calibre Taxidermy applies for all your export requirements before shipping commences.

Export Fees

Export Documentation $160

Admin fees $150

E-Cert MPI Vet Cert $150

Game Bird Export Permit $140

Packing & Transport from $80

ISPM15 Approved Crates from $350

Under the new regulations you can only consolidate a shipment if the hunting party is a member of your family and resides at the same physical address. 

Fish & Wildlife do not accept any consolidated shipments.

Yes, there are additional charges on the following: 

* Red Stag – Open mouth (roaring, bugle)

* Elk/Wapiti – Open mouth (roaring, bugle)

* Preserving velvet antlers

* Staining antlers

* Repairs to skins, antlers & horns

* Wall pedestal mounts

* Pedestal mounts

* Half mounts are 60% of full mount price

* Pedestal base

* Custom mounts

* Custom bases – ask for quote

* Insurance option – can be discussed with us.

Prices don’t include shipping, destination or clearance fees unless specified. There are also additional charges for crating, packing, transport, export documentation and shipping.