Calibre Taxidermy

Field Care

Damage in the field can impact our process, so follow these tips to ensure that your animal is in the best possible condition before it arrives.

Avoid dragging your animal on the ground as this can easily damage the hide – place it on a sled or four-wheeler, or use a dolly or cart.

Try to be careful in handling the carcass, and if possible pick it up by the antlers.

After removing the hide / skin from the carcass, spread hide out and allow to cool down completely, approx. 20-30 minutes. Don’t leave it out in sun, and don’t leave it on the back of your truck. Do not cover the skin in plastic as it will sweat and cause hair slip. By far the best advice we can offer is to get the animal to us as quickly as possible. If not possible, put in the freezer as soon as possible.
Cutting the hide too short is the most common mistake made by hunters. For detailed advice on field care for deer, birds, small mammals and other game feel free to contact us in advance. We’ll be happy to talk you through the best way to prepare your animal on the field.